Whistle GPS Pet Tracker – Never Lose Sight Of Your Shih Tzu

Pinpoint your Shih Tzu’s location with GPS tracking.


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker combines the best on-collar GPS tracking device with a simple mobile app.

It puts your Shih Tzu’s needs and location right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

It’s also the first device and app system to combine location-tracking and smart activity monitoring into one simple experience.

Monitor Health. Track Location. Celebrate Adventure!

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The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker has got an arc, so it fits pretty well on most dog collars.

The surface is a lovely brushed metal with an embossed Whistle logo and a pinhole to see a flashing light that indicates battery life (four flashes means it’s fully charged).

The side has two buttons: One is for the battery test, and you can hold it to power on or off completely. The other is a Snooze button that turns off notifications for 15 minutes.


The device attaches to your Shih Tzu’s collar with a plastic clip and a rubber strap.

The tracker itself slides in and out of the clip easily, so you can remove it and place it in the charger base station as needed.

The Whistle connects to the Internet.

Whistle Features
Whistle Unit

Use the whistle app anytime to always know your dog’s location.

Get proactive alerts like when your Shih Tzu is about to reach their daily goal, and when (s)he leaves your safe place. Or makes a sneaky escape.

If your Shih Tzu does escape, turn on live tracking to quickly find them with 15-second location updates.

Keep an eye on their day, know where they went, who they were with, and for how long.

You’ll even know what they were doing: playing, walking, or resting.

Manage your Shih Tzu’s fitness level.

Get recommended daily activity goals based on your dog’s breed age and weight.

Whistle will monitor activity minutes and how close you are to reaching your dog’s goals.

Monitor reaching these goals and celebrate their achievements together.

Whistle Go tracks behaviors like licking, scratching, and other behaviors, and provides you with a weekly health report, so you can stay on top of changes that may indicate health issues.

With Whistle Go you’ll always have the knowledge about how your Shih Tzu is doing at your fingertips, and the peace of mind that they’re living their best life.

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The Whistle itself is water-resistant (not waterproof), with an IP67 rating.

Recent mobile app updates add medication tracking and alerts. Tracking feedings is also an option.

The base station contains a short-range proprietary radio that talks to the device, providing a 150- to 200-foot circular beacon zone (the documentation calls it the Whistle Zone).

The system checks whether your pet is in the zone every 12 minutes, which is how the Whistle knows when it may have gone rogue.

That short-range radio connection helps save on battery life.

Proactive alerts for Shih Tzu owners with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle Notification

Whether paying a visit to the neighbor’s dog or on a long-distance walkabout, your Shih Tzu can be located and tracked with the Whistle app.

Customize a Whistle zone by choosing your home or another safe area.

You’ll receive an alert whenever your Shih Tzu leaves that area so you can promptly begin tracking them on the Whistle map.

Setting up the Whistle GPS Activity Tracker is easy.

Download the free app for Android or iOS, create an account, tap “Set up a new Whistle,” pick a product, and type in the ID found on the back of the tracker.

Enter multiple codes for multiple pets—each dog needs a profile.

You can detail goals for your Shih Tzu’s activity in minutes, along with the zone where they live.

Set up notifications and a service plan for the service, and you’re ready to track.

Notifications are great.

The every-12-minutes zone check means your dog won’t get much of a head start if it wanders outside the zone (of course, some dogs can go a long, long way in a few minutes).

I had iOS push notifications, SMS text notifications, and email setup, and all alerts came in simultaneously.

When my dog went outside the zone, the Whistle not only alerted me but also sent the address she was nearest to at that moment.

Should your beloved Shih Tzu make an escape, go directly to the Maps section of the app or the website, and click Refresh GPS.

You’ll get an instant location update.

If you click Track, you get a notification on where your dog is up to every minute for the next half hour.

It shuts off after that since this hits the battery pretty hard; you can go back to that screen and stop tracking before the 30 minutes are up.

You also have the option to track more than one pet at a time, if they’re escaping in packs.

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Your Shih Tzu’s location and activity directly on your phone.

Realtime tracking
Wistle Features-2

Notifications also arrived when she met her daily activity goal and when the battery was low.

As for activity, the device has a built-in accelerometer to track how long your dog is active during the day, in minutes.

In the app, tap your dog’s name in the menu to see graphs for each day, then hour by hour.

Click the Plus symbol at the bottom of the screen to enter food, meds, pictures, and notes about what’s going on in the dog’s life.

As is common among fitness trackers for both humans or pets, Whistle offers a social and friends component.

It’s not just for other pets, but also for humans with profiles.

You can find others via Facebook, Twitter, or your own contact list.

All accounts automatically track the Whistle mascot dog, Duke, who’s based at the company’s San Francisco office.

When you visit your dog’s info in the app and click Profile, you get a quick comparison with all the other dogs you follow.

More information on the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker can be found here.

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Never lose your pet with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker
Never lose your pet with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

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