A Future Felony In Michigan? Leaving Your Dog In Your Car

Shih Tzu In Car

When you see a dog in a car, don’t just keep walking and assume the owner will be right back, or that someone else will help.

If the car is parked in a strip Keep calm and call the policemall with just a few stores, and the animal doesn’t seem in distress, run and speak to the managers to page the owner.

Hopefully, that will be the end of the story.

If you feel time is of the essence, call the police.

Make sure you have as many details as possible: type and color of car, license number, location of car, condition of the dog.

If the animal seems to be in distress, ask if you’re allowed to open the door and get the dog out, or do you risk prosecution.

Don’t leave the dog, until someone has come to help.

Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, sponsored a companion bill establishing sentencing guidelines.

It’s one of several animal-related bills he has sponsors.

“I believe that we as a human race should be concerned about animal abuse.

Animal abusers many times graduate to people abusers,” Jones said in regards to the legislation.

Eye witness

Be prepared the next time you see a dog in a car.

If when you insist on rescuing the dog, regardless of any possible consequences, make sure you have at least one witness who can vouch for what happened.

The two complimentary bills were introduced this week into the state senate and they have been sent to the judiciary committee for consideration.

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