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A Future Felony In Michigan? Leaving Your Dog In Your Car

There is so much written about why you shouldn’t leave your dog in a hot car.

Yet there are still people who do just that.

Be sure to check the video at the end.

It is worth repeating.

Do not, under any circumstances, leave your dog in the car.

Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes.

Let’s say that’s your intention.

You open the windows slightly and run in for your couple of minutes.

Then you run into someone you haven’t seen for ages.

Or someone you know.

The next thing you know, 20 minutes have passed.

And unfortunately so has your dog.

Michigan lawmakers are considering joining 16 other states with similar laws by passing legislation that would make it illegal to keep an animal in a car in conditions that might endanger its “health or well-being.”

The best-intentioned people in the world don’t seem to understand, how quickly a car heats up.

Shih Tzu on iceAccording to a vehicle heat study conducted by the Department Of Geosciences, San Francisco State University, when the outside temp is 72°-96°, with windows cracked, internal temperature rises by 19° after 10 minutes, 29° after 20 minutes, 34° after 30 minutes, and 43° after 60 minutes.

In other words, if it’s 70° outside, there’s a line at the register, and your two minutes stretched into 10, it’s now at least 90° in your car.

Michigan’s law, though, would impose among the strictest penalties for endangering an animal’s life.

If an animal dies inside a vehicle, the person who left the dog or cat there could go to jail for up to five years or be fined as much as $5,000,

Pay the fine

It’s critical to understand, dogs don’t sweat.

They pant in order to keep themselves cool, and breathing in hot air won’t help.

A dog’s body temperature is around 101°.

If that temperature rises even 3 degrees, your dog can start experiencing the first signs of heatstroke.

The future Michigan legislation is top-tier punishment.

As just mentioned, someone who causes an animal death that way could face five years in prison.

If the animal is injured in the process, that could result in a year of time behind bars, or a $1,000 fine.

While many states have similar laws, the vast majority of penalties for leaving an animal in a car are classified as misdemeanors.

So what to do when you see a dog in a car? Continue reading on the next page.

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